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this month we have to cancel the GIMOR classes due to the new regulations. BUT I can offer you online lessons again.

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Keep your body and mind moving!



GIMOR is about developing and articulating our movement range while being present and aware of our mind. We work on being attentive to our body, revealing its habits, limitations, and versatility, and attempting to research new ways of perceiving and enriching our movement and presence. We take the time to notice the effect our thoughts and emotions have on the way we move and vice versa.

GIMOR is based on two main pillars –

Gaga movement language and Mindfulness.

This guided improvisation offers an in-depth examination of the qualities of our movement. It is a journey that travels through a wide spectrum of impulses and physical states, extremes and exaggerations, and the endless possibilities that lie between them. This physical research is accompanied by a constant awareness of the mind, emotions, and thoughts, through still and moving meditation, which enables a reflection on the body-mind connection, and its effects on the way we move, think, feel and sense.

*This class is taught in English

Who is it for

This one-hour flow class is for people of all physical levels and ages, regardless of their dance experience. It provides an opportunity to develop movement skills, as well as knowledge of the intertwined connection between the physical and mental.

Shaked Dagan

Shaked Dagan is a Choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, and an artistic entrepreneur based in Germany. Born in Israel, she had completed her dance studies in the Reut Middle School of Arts, in the Vizo High School of Arts, followed by The Matte Asher School of The Performing Arts in Kibutz Ga’aton (MASPA). After her studies in 2006, she began freelancing as a dancer, for Israeli choreographers, followed by the Muza Dance Company and the Batsheva Dance Company ‘Kamuyot’ project, where she began teaching Gaga.

Shaked has been teaching Gaga for over a decade for professional dancers as well as people classes. She taught around the world, following the methods and vocabulary of Ohad Naharin. In recent years, she was inspired and influenced by Mindful Meditation and Yoga practices and explored a path in which she could merge them into the principles of the Gaga language. This path led to GIMOR, which she had been teaching since 2019.


In addition to GIMOR, Shaked continues to work as a dancer and choreographer, rehearsal and production manager. She recently completed her Arts and Cultural Management studies in Germany.

Her choreographic works experiment with different performative mediums and incorporate collaborations with artists of various disciplines, and were performed in Israel and internationally in dance Festivals, on stages, gallery screenings, and site-specific constellations.



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